Boot Camp

CompuSharp's SCADA/EMS training programs immerse engineers in the various aspects of SCADA/EMS and help them to obtain a better understanding of subtleties rapidly and efficiently. The current program is a five-day “boot camp” that includes lectures, demos and face-to-face interactions. The major topics covered are listed below:

Power Systems Operations and Control
System Components
SCADA Software
Data Base
Power Systems Application Software — Network
Power Systems Application — Generation
NERC Compliance

Feedback from past attendees

Dear Ramesh,

I heard from Entergy recently that I have been selected as an Engineer I (relay settings), on a contract basis for minimum of one year. My heartful thanks to you and your team in providing me the training for all these days and increasing the knowledge levels to a new height. I will be more than happy to associate with you for any opportunities in future.


Dear Mr. Ramesh,

How are you? Here are few words that I would like to say.

The training provided by the Compusharp was very useful in many aspects. The topics related to the transmission and the power system studies helped me to enhance what I have learned in the school.

Apart from these basics, SCADA/EMS and Smartgrid concepts provided by the Compusharp helped me not only to understand the utility operations but also to keep up to date what is going on in the power world (as we are running into smarter grid). Compusharp made me busy with lot of reading, gaining knowledge, and doing some real useful work related to the power system operations.

During my stay with Compusharp, we had several phone conferences on various topics on power systems to enhance and share our knowledge and did learn FORTRAN. Over all, my stay at Compusharp helped me to improve my knowledge and confidence level. I appreciate the work done by Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Giridhar. The last but the most important help that this company did for me is helping me in the aspect of OPT. Thank you very much Mr. Ramesh. Thank you so much for being very supportive.


Dear Mr. Ramesh,

I recently got an offer from an EMS vendor and I would like to thank Compusharp Inc for providing online training in the area of SCADA/ EMS Systems.The topics I learnt since the past three months were really helpfully during my job search and the interviews.

I would like to share my experiences and the topics I learnt which were useful in starting my career in the field of Power Systems.

The training provided a solid understanding of a SCADA/EMS system, its components, functions and the Dispatcher Training Simulator (DTS).

All the functions of the Generation Dispatch and Control Subsystem (Automatic Generation Control (AGC), Generation Dispatch (GD), Reserve Monitoring (RMON), Unit Testing and Sampling (UTES/USAM), Energy Scheduling and Accounting (Interchange Scheduling (I/S), Production Costs (PC), AGC Performance Monitoring (APM), Load Forecasting (LF), Unit Commitment/ Transaction Evaluation (UC/TE)) were clearly explained in the material.

IEEE C37.118 standard which explains the definition of synchrophasor, time synchronization, timetags and the message formats for communication with a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) were explored. The Common Information Model (CIM) which is necessary at control centers to look at the Power System models from different utilities (each utility may have a different modeling environment) was also covered. FORTRAN and its application in Power System development was emphasized. Linux environment, vi editor were also introduced.

This training program provided me a chance to learn the recent advances in Power Systems (Smart grid in specific). In one line I can summarize my experience as “A great program for a student to get real time exposure to SCADA/EMS systems and Smart Grid”

I will stay in touch with you Sir.

Have a good day!