Careers at CompuSharp

CompuSharp is looking for bright and committed professionals in the various areas of our services; people with the right attitude and a positive and pleasant demeanor.

CompuSharp professionals will have an opportunity to work on projects at different client locations across the U.S. and worldwide in the future. Our professionals have the chance to interface with clients on a variety of projects, learning and amalgamating with different work cultures and value systems. This results in long-lasting benefits for the members of our corporation, making them adaptable, well-rounded and highly result-oriented. The spirit of motivation runs across the company, making us unique and highly successful.

Current Openings

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering in Santa Clara. May travel to unanticipated work-sites within the United States. Send résumé to: CompuSharp, Inc. 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

Computer Programmers

Candidate should have Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. They should have knowledge and strong aptitude in Object-Oriented development and Testing Techniques, Data Base and Numerical Methods. In addition, they should have in-depth knowledge of Programming languages like C, C++, MATLAB, Python and SQL.

Power Systems Engineers

Candidates should have a Masters or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power Systems. Additionally, they should have at least two years experience in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management Systems (EMS). Positions are available at various levels: Architects, Designers, Developers, Deployment Specialists, and Maintenance Administrators. For programming positions, we are looking for candidates with experience in UNIX/C programming and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Protocols. Experience in FORTRAN and Matlab will be a significant plus.

To submit your resume, you may use regular U.S. mail (click here for address), fax (send to 408-517-0541), or email (send to