Common Information Model for Energy Management Systems

The primary objective of Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI's) Control Center Application Program Interface (CCAPI) is to develop a set of guidelines, or specifications to enable the creation of “plug-in” applications in the Power Systems environment. The CCAPI project has defined a Common Interface Model (CIM), which provides a comprehensive logical view of Energy Management System Information.

CompuSharp provides specialized consulting services to Electric utilities and the SCADA / EMS / DMS vendor community for creating CIM Interfaces. CompuSharp consultants have extensive knowledge of applications, intricacies of different Operating systems, languages ranging from legacy to modern (FORTRAN to C++ and Java), and different RDBMS's and most importantly the Common Information Model. Additionally, we understand how Power Systems work and realize the importance of data integrity once the systems are plugged in.

Our areas of expertise include:

Conversion of generation and transmission relational database for CIM compliance
Conversion of distribution database for CIM compliance
CIM interfaces for export and import of application data between control centers
CIM interfaces between different application subsystems in a control center
CIM interface to GIS and Distribution applications