DMS and Distribution Services

CompuSharp has experience in integrating the CIS, AM/FM, GIS, and Outage Management systems used in the distribution business of an electric utility. This experience along with our expertise in SCADA/EMS makes CompuSharp one of the leading DMS and Distribution resources for utilities.

In particular, CompuSharp provides service in the following areas:

Relational DB customization and maintenance
Communication protocol customization for ICCP, RTUs, LAN and WAN
Distribution SCADA
Interfacing with PLC', Metering Systems
Substation Automation
Load Modeling on a feeder
Three-phase Load flow studies (radial and loop)
Unbalanced Fault Level Analysis
CIM implementation and Interface to EMS
Integrating of CIS, GIS, AM/FM, and Outage Management systems from different vendors on to a single integrated BUS so that all these systems communicate with each other and with the DMS system
Consultation and Training