Inter Control Center Protocol (ICCP) Services

Inter-utility real-time data exchange has become critical to the operation of inter-connected systems within the electric power utility industry. The ability to exchange power system data with boundary control areas and beyond provides visibility for disturbance detection and reconstruction, improved modeling capability and enhanced operation through future Control centers or Independent System Operators (ISOs) or Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs).

The Inter-Control Center Protocol (ICCP) allows for data exchange over Wide Area Networks (WANs) between a utility control center and other control centers, other utilities, power pools, regional control centers, and Non-Utility Generators.

Data exchange information consists of real-time and historical power system monitoring and control data, including measured values, scheduling data, energy accounting data, and operator messages.

This data exchange occurs between one control center's SCADA/EMS host and a corresponding host at another center, often through one or more intervening communications processors.

Implementation Issues

ICCP is a standard real-time data exchange protocol. It provides numerous features for the delivery of data, monitoring of values, program control and device control. All the protocol specifics needed to ensure interoperability between different vendor's ICCP products have been included in the specifications.

The ICCP specifications, however, do not attempt to specify other areas that will need to be implemented in an ICCP software product but that do not affect interoperability. These areas are referred to as “local implementation issues” in the specification. Some of the local implementation issues in the specification are listed below:

The API through which local applications interface to ICCP to send or receive data
A user interface to ICCP for user management of ICCP data links
Management functions for controlling and monitoring ICCP data links
Failover schemes where redundant ICCP servers are required to meet stringent availability requirements, such as those typically experienced in an EMS/SCADA system environment
How data, programs or devices will be controlled or managed in the local SCADA/EMS to respond to requests received via an ICCP data link.

CompuSharp is able to provide Customization and Implementation support for all aspects of ICCP.