Load Forecasting Services

CompuSharp has more than fifteen years of load forecasting experience in developing weather dependent load forecast models for on-line applications. The models vary from simple similar-day forecasts to advanced mathematical and statistical techniques based on time series analysis, neural networks, and multivariate analysis.

A typical load forecast model includes three to five years of hourly load, weather data (temperature, dew point or relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and cloud cover), and day type for each area of the system. The load forecasting process includes the data base definition, interface with the Weather Company, building the models, forecasting, statistical error analysis, updating the forecast, testing, and customer training.

CompuSharp provides the following services in the load forecast arena:

Evaluation of the utility load forecasting needs for the new market conditions
Evaluation and recommendation of a commercially available load forecasting package to meet the above requirement
Integration of a third party load forecast package
Customization of an existing package for different time intervals (e.g. 5 min, 15 min, 30 min).
Interface of the load forecast solution with other subsystems in the control center (e.g. network analysis and scheduling functions use load forecast results)
Interface of the load forecast solution with other control centers via ICCP
Customization of an existing package (e.g. which independent and whether variables to use)
Development of similar other products, Gas Demand Forecasting and Water Inflow Forecasting, for on-line applications
Consulting and training