Power Market, ISO, and RTO Services

CompuSharp has the field-proven experience in design, analysis, and implementation of control systems to assist the market (Power Market) and grid (ISO and RTO) operators of the deregulated electricity market. This experience along with the SCADA/EMS experience of our engineers paves the way for services in the following areas:

Generation portfolio management
Collection and validation of market data (energy, bilateral and ancillary service)
Day-Ahead dispatch for validation and acceptance of the market data
Frequency regulation and monitoring of ancillary service data
Reactive power monitoring
Load forecasting for 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, and one hour time intervals
On-line real power loss estimate of the transmission grid and the associated real-time loss monitoring
Unbalanced fault management via circuit group analysis
TTC and ATC calculations, and congestion management based on penalty price (LMP or ZAP) or generator shift price
Physical vs. Financial models
Annual active power reserve planning for the Grid operator
Interfaces between different market participants, Market Operating System, ISO (and/or RTO) system, and OASIS
Interface of SCADA/EMS with ISO and Market Operating System
Import and export of data based on CIM models
Integration of third party software
Consulting and Training